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EduFeedr is an educationally enhanced feed reader for blog-based courses. This website contains information about the design and development of EduFeedr.


Source code

EduFeedr is licensed under GNU General Public License v2. Releases can be downloaded from the Download page. Latest version of source code is in GitHub.


Põldoja, H. (2010). EduFeedr: following and supporting learners in open blog-based courses. In Open ED 2010 Proceedings. Barcelona: UOC, OU, BYU. Download as PDF

Põldoja, H., Savitski, P., Laanpere, M. (2010). Aggregating Student Blogs with EduFeedr. Lessons Learned from First Tryouts. In F. Wild, M. Kalz & M. Palmér (Eds.). Mashup Personal Learning Environments 2010. Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Mashup Personal Learning Environments. In conjunction with the 5th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (ECTEL’10): Sustaining TEL, Barcelona, Spain, September 29, 2010. Aachen: CEUR-WS. Download as PDF

Põldoja, H., Laanpere, M. (2009). Conceptual Design of EduFeedr - an Educationally Enhanced Mash-up Tool for Agora Courses. In F. Wild, M. Kalz, M. Palmér & D. Müller (Eds.). Mashup Personal Learning Environments 2009. Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Mashup Personal Learning Environments (MUPPLE09), Nice, France, September 29, 2009. Download as PDF


Designing Tools for Supporting Wikiversity Courses: the Case of EduFeedr. Presentation at Wikimania 2010, 9 July 2010, Gdansk, Poland. YouTube Abstract

Teaching in blogs - problems and solutions. Presentation at TIVI-O-AALTO unconference, 20 April 2010, Helsinki, Finland. SlideShare

Current state of EduFeedr project. Presentation at IFI research seminar, 23 November 2009, Tallinn, Estonia. SlideShare

EduFeedr - Redesigning the Feed Reader for an Open Education. Presentation at OPEN 2009 symposium, 5 November 2009, Helsinki, Finland. SlideShare

Conceptual Design of EduFeedr - an Educationally Enhanced Mash-up Tool for Agora Courses. Presentation at MUPPLE 09 workshop, 29 September 2009, Nice, France. SlideShare

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Hans Põldoja, lecturer, Institute of Informatics, Tallinn University, hans <dot> poldoja <at> tlu <dot> ee

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